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Tame Apple Press starting to admit that the Vision Pro is pants

by on31 January 2024

Not ready to be released

After Jobs Mob lifted the embargo on the first wave of “non-curated reviews” of its Vision Pro headset the Tame Apple Press is being forced to admit publically that the gear is not ready for release.

Yup, all those enthusiastic reviews for the gear that we saw based on “first impressions” have turned out to be sales promotions for Apple penned by “journalists” happy to sell any credibility they have to promote a rich company that hates them. No surprises there.

When you see reviews that mention the headset's "incredibly impressive displays" and "near perfect" tracking capabilities you can dismiss them.

Apple’s over priced gear is starting to get a hammering in real-world conditions outside of Apple's heavily-regulated demos. The Vision Pro appears to suffer from limited productivity usecases, DRM'd apps, and half-baked features that suggest this device is still very much in the dev-kit stage.

The Tame Apple Press was surprised about how isolated their reviewers felt when using the Vision Pro. It offers very few options for wearers to socialise and share memories with one another in any meaningful way. One of the key features of being an Apple fanboy is that you can annoy people by showing them your expensive gear and have them think you are “cool” and no longer want to shove your head down the toilet (we never said it worked).

"You're in there, having experiences all by yourself that no one else can take part it," concludes Nilay Patel in his review for The Verge. "I don't want to get work done in the Vision Pro. I get my work done with other people, and I'd rather be out here with them."

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