Car companies are playing fast and footloose with data privacy
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Collecting far too much data

A survey by a US senator of 14 car makers has shown that they are collecting more user data than many car owners are aware.

Electric vehicles are less reliable
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79 per cent more problems

According to Consumer Reports ' newly released annual car reliability survey, shows that electric vehicle owners continue to report far more problems with their vehicles than owners of conventional cars or hybrids.

Musk furious as Swedish strike bites
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I don’t see why I have to accept unions

Elon [look at me] Musk thinks the Swedes are crazy after practically shutting down Tesla’s European operation because he will not let them form a union.

German car parts maker says Nvidia stole its secrets
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Ex-employee made blunder

A German car parts maker, Valeo Schalter und Sensoren, is suing Nvidia for nicking its tech after one of its former employees showed the GPU maker some source code by mistake.

Planes flying near Iran suffer from GPS spoofing
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Being tricked to fly over Iran

Commercial air crews are novel "spoofing" attacks designed to trick their navigation systems to fly into Iranian airspace.