Lightyear One manages 724km on a single charge
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Using Solar cells as a back up

A Dutch start-up has designed a car which claims it’ll manage a range of 450 miles (74km) on a single charge and back itself up with solar cells.

Daimler faces more emission software allegations
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What? Software to reduce emission controls is illegal? We never knew that.

Germany's auto regulator told Daimler that it would have to recall 42,000 Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles after the group discovered illegal software on the cars that would reduce the effectiveness of the emissions control system.

Boeing wants to save cash by reducing physical testing
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Because that will restore confidence

Maker of aircraft where safety features are an added extra, Boeing, is scrapping expensive physical testing of new plans in favour of having it all done on a computer.

Telechips buys Imagination PowerVR Series9XTP
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Headed for the car industry

Fabless chip marker Telechips has bought Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR Series9XTP tech for use in its in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and vehicle cockpit solutions.

Sun sets on VW’s Aurora deal.
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It is off to make autonomous platforms for Fiat Chrysler

Adolph Hitler’s favourite car company, Volkswagen, has ended its partnership with self-driving car software outfit Aurora.