New euro-Tesla designed in Berlin
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If you believe Musk

Elon Musk made rare comments about a new Tesla vehicle to be designed in Berlin, adding that the reason behind the new vehicle programme is to attract new talent from Europe.

European Commission steps into car patent dispute
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Not sure if Daimler should pay Nokia

The European Commission plans to step into the patent dispute between tech companies and carmakers and may set up a system to check whether some patents are essential to a technology standard as claimed, according to a Commission document.

No more petrol powered cars in the UK in ten years
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But prices likely to rise

The UK has announced that petrol powered cars will become outdated in ten years and new ones will not be made or imported any more.

Löweheiser and Quaternium create record breaking drone
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Flight of 10h and 14 min

Löweheiser tech startup and the pioneer UAV manufacturer Quaternium have created a new world record of multirotor endurance with an outstanding flight of 10h and 14 min.