Russian fighter pilots bring their own GPS devices
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Inbuilt navigation systems are so bad

Russian fighter pilots are so fed up with the GPS devices that come with their super expensive jets that there are bringing their own to work and sticking them to the plane dashboards.

Coppers likely to use driverless cars to spy on people
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What a surprise

Coppers in the US are thinking about using driverless cars so that they can monitor people without having to leave the police station.

Battery-powered electric vehicles sales double
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In just the first quarter

Battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) almost doubled their market share in the European Union during the first quarter.

Expensive Teslas don’t even come with a charger
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You have to push them 

In a move which copies Apple, Tesla has stopped selling chargers for its electric cars meaning that users will have to spend even more money if they expect their expensive piles of junk to move.

Mercedes Benz runs out of chips
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Puts 5,000 workers on vacation

Mercedes-Benz put more than 5000 workers on collective vacation in two plants in Brazil due to the shortage of semiconductor chips.