VW demanded money to rescue a child
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Admits processes were breached

Adolf Hitler's favourite car company, VW has been handed a PR disaster after it insisted that police hand over $150 to switch on tracking on a stolen car and placed a kidnapped child at risk. 

US Air Force experimenting with facial recognition on drones
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Can find and kill you

New Scientist magazine has found a contract between the US Air Force and a defence firm that shows the government uses reconnaissance and surveillance drones equipped with facial recognition to aid in special operations missions.

Musk’s Pro-Russian stance might harm Starlink’s service
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China crisis 

Elon [look at me] Musk’s erratic pro-Russian stance might not help his Starlink satellite service, which has suddenly become the target of Chinese tech.

Brits might ban foreign self driving cars
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We just can't trust you with a roundabout

The remote driving of vehicles from overseas, such as for the delivery of rental cars, could be banned in the UK. 

Amazon tests robotic taxis in California
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Using its own employees as guinea pigs 

Amazon is testing a fleet of robotaxis on public roads in California, using employees as guinea pigs.