Automatic emergency braking terrible at high speed
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American Automobile Association warns tech not there yet

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is pretty good at preventing low-speed rear-end crashes but kind of sucks when vehicles are traveling at more normal speeds, according to new research from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Self driving cars are impossible for now
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Ignore what Musk tells you 

Despite claims from Apple, Elon Musk and some other car makers, fully self driving cars are going to be impossible because robots will need humans for a long time.

US discovers flaw in cunning electric vehicle plan
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Apparently, you need a reasonably good power supply 

The US might be moving its vehicles to electricity, but it has not resolved the fact that its private enterprise based power grid is pretty third world in parts of the country.

Engineer admits details about Apple's mythical self-driving project
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Engineer Stole manuals of Titan circuit boards

An ex-Apple engineer who worked on Titan the outfit's imaginary self-driving car project – admitted to stealing proprietary tech while he was working for the company.

Shaun the Sheep to travel on NASA's Artemis 1
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One small step for Ram 

Shaun, the title character from the animated television series "Shaun the Sheep", is going into space.