Apple eyes Electronic Arts
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Looking to buy and kicking the tires

Video game publisher Electronic Arts is actively seeking a potential buyer or merger.

Dolmen won't get Intel XeSS at launch
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Coming "this summer"

Dolmen developers have detailed its upscaling technology support, confirming that the game won't get Intel XeSS at launch.

Apple to dump Lightning to please the EU
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Testing USB-C because it honestly thinks it will make a difference

Fruit and nutty cargo cult Apple is looking at replacing its iPhone’s Lightning charging port with the more prevalent USB-C connector.

Parents getting worried about the rise of Huggy Wuggy
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They want it banned - they just want the government to do it for them

A rather nasty adult game which appears to be targeted at young children appears to have gotten child experts and karen mothers upset.

PS5 demand outstrips supply
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19.3 million consoles sold so far

PlayStation 5 is at 19.3 million consoles sold so far this generation and demand is still far outstripping supply.