Data centres go Jules Verne
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20,000 leagues under the sea 

The future of data centres might be underwater, according to a company which is planning to build them on the seabed of the Pacific ocean by the end of this year.

Tory minister's broadband shows him up
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It just had enough 

A UK Tory minister's broadband appeared to have had enough of him telling the world how superior British broadband was and showed the world how pants it really was -- live.

Google's VPN advertising bans make some apps rubbish
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Don't you mess with revenue 

Google will ban Android VPN apps in its Play store from iblocking advertising which could cause some major headaches for privacy applications.

Google scales network capacity
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It is all done with magic mirrors you know

Google has scaled its network capacity from over one petabit per second to beyond six petabits per second mostly thanks to a technique which involves bouncing optical signals off mirrors to redirect traffic.

Euro governments want Big Tech to pay for internet improvements
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This will go down well 

After failing to get Big Tech to pay any significant amounts of tax, the government's of France, Italy and Spain are stepping up pressure on the European Commission to come up with legislation that ensures Big Tech firms partly finance telecoms infrastructure.