UK plans to fine telcos who use Huawei
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Ofcom's new job

Any hope that Huawei might get a reprieve in the UK after the fall of Donald Trump have been dashed by the news that the UK government is considering firing the company’s customers.

OneWeb emerges from bankrupcy
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Will start launches again next month

OneWeb has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy under new ownership and says it will begin launching more broadband satellites next month.

Ericsson supports Huawei over 5G ban
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Borks free competition

Ericsson’s CEO said Sweden’s decision to ban China’s Huawei from its 5G telecoms networks restricts free competition and trade.

Starlink beta testers impressed with the speed
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Playing with forest connections

A beta tester of SpaceX's new Starlink satellite internet service tested his gear in a national forest which gets no cell service from any carrier.

Huawei appeals against Sweden’s 5G ban
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See what happens next

Huawei has appealed against Sweden’s decision to exclude the Chinese telecoms equipment maker from 5G networks, the Swedish telecoms regulator PTS said.