Half of the UK has 5G coverage
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EE claims

EE claims to have become the first mobile operator to have expanded its ultrafast 5G (mobile broadband) network to cover more than half of the UK’s population.

Cisco comes up with network predictive technology
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Your router is going to meet a tall dark stranger with a Russian accent

Cisco has released technology that it says can predict issues on enterprise networks before they happen to help prevent problems and increase reliability.

Copper wire might be better than Fibre
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All it required was a bit of research

While the world+dog is investing in expensive fibre-optic cable for Internet use, researchers have found that the old copper wire can achieve data rates three times higher at a fraction of the price.

Russians jamming GPS
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In Tsar Putin’s Ukraine you will use GLONASS to target Tsar Putin

Jammers from Russian forces besieging the country are targeting global positioning system (GPS) satellite signals that are used for navigation, mapping, and other purposes.

Ericsson expects fine over Iraq bribery
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Son of Eric warns of cost of Russian sanctions

Swedish telecom provider Ericsson warned that it is likely be fined by U.S. regulators for its handling of a bribery investigation in Iraq and reported a slide in quarterly earnings due to its suspension of business in Russia.