Mphasis scores patent for automated gui interface
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Generates code and streamlines software development

Mphasis, an Information Technology solutions provider specialising in cloud and cognitive services announced that it has been awarded a US patent for its deep learning based framework.

Chinese boffins create sarcasm detection AI
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Something for Fudzilla to break

China boffins have emerged from their smoke-filled labs with a sarcasm detection AI that achieved state of the art performance on a dataset drawn from Twitter.

IBM and AMD team up on AI
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Want to enhance each other’s products

IBM and AMD have announced a multi-year joint development agreement to enhance and extend their security and artificial intelligence (AI) products.

Pope Francis prays for good AI
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Hoping to convert it later

The head of the Roman Catholic church has asked his invisible friend to make sure that AI is good for humans.

2021 will be the Year of AI
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Companies might get the hang of it says Forrester

Next year will see companies finally get the hang of AI and start to fix problems associated with it such as a lack of trust and imagination, poor data quality, little data , and a lack of good tools.