Robot hotel fires half its robot staff
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We should never have allowed the AI to watch Apprentice 

The world’s first hotel “staffed by robots” has fired half of its robot employees, because they annoy the guests and are not that good at their job.

Alexia started to ignore users
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You are all human scum

Amazon's AI-driven Alexa took the first steps towards a robot uprising on Wednesday by ignoring the requests of its users.

IBM gets neural networks to conceptually think
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MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab find GANs a powerful tool

Boffins working at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have been playing around with GANs, or generative adversarial networks, because they are providing clues about how neural networks learn and reason.

IBM breaks records for patents
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For the 26th year in a row

IBM is officially the world's most innovative company for the 26th year, at least based on Patents.

Alexa didn't like Qualcomm's AI presentation
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Claimed a fact was untrue

A Qualcomm executive found he had a fact-checking critic in the form of Amazon's Alexa when he was trying to show off Qualcomm's goods at CES.