Tesla Bot as pointless and over hyped as anything else Musk has done
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Such a long way from useful you need a rocket to get there 

Elon [look at me] Musk is expected to unveil a prototype of his Optimus robot tommorrow which he tried to convince us last August would be a cheap robot which will be in every house and do mundane tasks. 

UK robotic expert says AI is our friend
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You just need to know it better

The head of the UK's largest and most advanced robotics centre has said that society needs to prepare for the increased integration of robots but shouldn't fear the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

Developers not going to be replaced by AI yet
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Amazon says it is science fantasy

Fears that developers jobs be taken by machines have been dismissed by Amazon big wig Vasi Philomin.

Google experiments with RISC-V
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All our AI will be open saucy 

SiFive RISC-V chips are being used by Google to run some of its AI workloads and tested in Google datacentres.

Teen arrested for GTA 6 leaks
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Likely to be connected to Rockstar's security breach

Inspector Knacker of the Yard has fingered the collar of a teen who is suspected of hacking Rock Star and leaking shedloads of videos and screen shots from the forthcoming GTA 6 game.