Chinese kids building AI weapons
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Recruited straight from school

Some of China's smartest students have been recruited straight from high school to begin training as the world's youngest AI weapons scientists.

AI has hit a learning barrier
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Computer Science boffin warns of disaster in the making

A professor of Computer Science at Portland State University has warned that machine learning algorithms don't yet understand things the way humans do -- with sometimes disastrous consequences.

20th Century Fox uses AI to judge popular movies
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What could go wrong?

Movie studio 20th Century Fox is using AI to predict what films people will want to see.

EU AI lie detector fake science
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Device to be trialled in Hungary, Greece and Latvia

The EU has been accused of promoting pseudoscience after announcing an AI-based “smart lie-detection system” at its busiest borders in an attempt to identify illegal migrants.

IBM turns Pac Man vegan
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Cutting edge AI at work

Researchers working for Big Blue have been working out a way of making Pac Man more ethical using AI.