Chinese come up with a new DeepSeek Coder
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Open saucy ChatGPT rival

The Chinese AI company DeepSeek, known for its ChatGPT rival trained on a massive 2 trillion English and Chinese tokens, has just unveiled DeepSeek Coder V2. This new release is an open-source code language model that uses a mixture of experts (MoE) approach.

The bubble is not similar to what is happening with AI
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Cisco says everything is different

Nvidia needs to learn from what happened to Cisco in the 1990s if it does not want to repeat the network giant’s mistakes.

SoftBank develops AI to make angry customers sound calmer
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Taking the stress of call centre operators with an AI shield

SoftBank has developed AI voice-conversion technology to reduce call centre operators' psychological stress by altering the voices of angry customers to sound calmer.

Adobe promises that creative genius will belong to users after all
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You have not sold your soul

Following a huge backlash, Adobe made it crystal clear in their latest blog post that they're not going to use your creative masterpieces to train their AI.

Stability AI messed up its own AI again
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Keeping US puritans happy creates monsters 

Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion 3 Medium has been borked by its desperate attempt to keep US puritans happy.