Google AI will tell doctors if you are going to live or die
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What could possibly go wrong?

Doctors are evaluating a new Google neural network which accurately shows your chances of dying.

AI defeats Rubik's cube without human help
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Hopefully, mindless puzzles will distract it from taking over the world

A team of boffins has managed to get an AI to solve a Rubik Cube puzzle without needing human help.

Securing enterprise email could be an AI job
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Tessian raises $13 million

Securing enterprise email could be the job of an AI in the future.

Xilinx helped AMD with HBM 2
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High bandwidth is the key

There is an interesting story that's very little known about the public cooperation that has happened between AMD and Xilinx about HBM memory.

IBM steps up AI efforts
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Digital brains boom coming

IBM is focusing its efforts on developing AI and cloud application solutions, seeking to explore immense application opportunities ranging from manufacturing, transportation, smart cities and healthcare.