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Vision Pro falls off a cliff

by on24 April 2024

You probably were not expecting this

Jobs's Mob's latest gizmo, the Vision Pro, is already hitting the buffers before it's even had a chance to flop internationally.

According to professional Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo, contrary to initial expectations in the Tame Apple Press, demand for the Vision Pro in the United States has plummeted. This revelation has left the tech giant reeling and adopting a more cautious approach to the product's future.

It is not surprising as the Vision Pro was never fit for any purpose, was hugely overpriced in comparison to the competition, and seemed only to have been put on the shelves to show that Apple could still make something new.

The word on the street was that Jobs's Mob would roll out the Vision Pro in fresh markets just before the June Worldwide Developers Conference, but don't hold your breath.

It looks like the company's crystal ball is showing a dip in Vision Pro shipments come 2025, and they're scrambling to tweak their grand plans. Kuo's betting his bottom dollar there won't be a shiny new Vision Pro model in 2025, backpedalling on earlier whispers of a revamped version hitting the production lines next year.

In February, Kuo was singing from the rooftops that Jobs's Mob was all about streamlining production and juggling supply chains, with nary a nod to shaking up the product specs or user experience. He reckoned we wouldn't catch sight of a significantly spruced-up Vision Pro until 2027.

Kuo's preaching that Jobs's Mob needs to get its act together, tackling the dearth of must-have apps, eye-watering prices, and making sure the thing doesn't feel like a brick on your bonce without mucking up the user experience. If Vision Pro sales keep nosediving, it's curtains for the pancake lenses and the fancy microOLED display tech in titchy gadgets.

Last modified on 24 April 2024
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