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Netflix says no thanks to $3,500 Apple specs that nobody wants

by on26 January 2024

Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset is a waste of everyone’s cash

Netflix is everywhere. It's on your phone, computer, and game console, even on the old Nintendo Wii, but it will not be on Apple's pricey Vision Pro VR headset.

Netflix CEO Greg Peters said his company will not be making an app for what is Apple's big $3,500 punt on the future of augmented reality because the company doesn't know if anyone's actually going to bother with it.

He called the device "subscale", meaning too small and rubbish, and said he didn't know if it would be "relevant to most of our members".

That was in a chat with business boffin Ben Thompson, where Peters hinted his company is being pickier, especially when it comes to Apple's $3,500 "spatial computer".

"We have to be careful about not wasting money on things that are not really worth it, and I would say we'll wait and see with Vision Pro," the Netflix co-CEO said.

The chat came out just a day after Peters bragged about how the company got more than 13 million new subscribers in the last three months of 2023 while dropping hints about hiking subscription prices.

Other popular apps like Spotify and YouTube also don't plan to have a Vision Pro-specific app at launch, instead telling people to log on through their Safari browser.

 Peters added that they still want to play nice with Apple, and "sometimes we find a good match. We can move very, very fast. Sometimes it takes a bit longer."

The investment Netflix is talking about is not just ticking a box to make the iPad app work on the Vision Pro. It's a lot more complicated than that, apparently.

But maybe Netflix is just being sensible. After all, who wants to fork out $3,500 for a VR headset that looks like a pair of binoculars strapped to your face? And what would you watch on it anyway? The Crown in 3D? Black Mirror in VR?


Last modified on 26 January 2024
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