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FBI snoops on your phone to catch crooks
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And women seeking abortions

The FBI uses a sneaky trick to unmask criminals who use their phones to do evil deeds or women who stand against the “handmaiden laws” of their state.

Crypto crooks use Calendly to con coiners
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Apple fanboys are a soft target

Apple fanboys are being targeted by a .scam that uses Calendly, a popular online meeting tool, to trick them into installing nasty malware.

Wackypedia wants to make CNet disappear now
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Time for another witchhunt 

The fake penis experts and phoney doctors at Wikipedia have taken time out from trying to make Fudzilla and Mike Magee disappear and decided to downgrade CNN, claiming its reporting is not significant any more.

Xiaomi boss Lei Jun stunned by Jobs' Mob's car U-turn
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Why couldn't they get it to start?

Self-professed Apple fanboy and Xiaomi boss Lei Jun is stunned after the fruity cargo cult pulled out of the car market.

EU Parliament bans Amazon lobbyists
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Workers' rights snub

The EU parliament confirmed yesterday that it would kick out Amazon lobbyists for ignoring the rights of those slaving away in Amazon warehouses.