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Qualcomm shows the new Wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design
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Powered by Snapdragon XR2 platform

Qualcomm has unveiled its new Wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design which uses the Snapdragon XR2 platform and allows OEMs and ODMs to bring new cordless AR-glasses to the market.

Move to turn Facebook and Twitter into right-wing fake news outfits unconstitutional
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It was a Florida law so what do you expect?

A Florida law intended to punish social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for not treating the words of right-wing politicians as if they were spoken by Jesus has been ruled unconstitutional.

Windows 11 hardware monitor is buggy
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Not very good at its job

People interested in such things have discovered that Microsoft’s hardware monitoring resource is giving information which is about as accurate as a Ukraine war report on Russian television.

Microsoft updates Windows for Android
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More integration than you can poke a stick at 

Microsoft has updated the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to Android 12.1 and shipped improvements to Android integration with Windows, networking, the camera in apps, and the Settings app.

Activision Blizzard illegally threatened staff
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US government agency claims

Activision Blizzard enforced a social media policy that conflicted with workers’ rights and illegally threatened staff in the policy's enforcement, according to a US government agency.