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Apple fanboy murdered five
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Relied on Apple’s tech to find his shiny gadget -- what could go wrong?

An Apple fanboy who believed it was his right to execute people who he wrongly believed stole his iPhone killed a family of five based on the “evidence” of Apple’s Find My Phone app.

"Independent" Snapdragon X Elite benchmarks arrive
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Look pretty good

A consultant paid by the software king of the world, Microsoft, has been benchmarking Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite, and it has come out pretty well.

Google's AI suggests putting glue on pizza
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Better than pineapple, at least

While the world already suffers from the atrocity of putting fruit on pizza, Google’s AI is going one step further and suggesting that they put glue on it too.

Apple admits its anti-trust makeover didn’t work
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Claims developers will not support it

Grand pooh-bah of the iPhone app store Phil Schiller has finally admitted that Jobs’ Mob’s so-called payment system makeover is about as effective as a chocolate teapot.

Samsung orders repair people to grass on their customers
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In the contract

In exchange for selling them repair parts, Samsung has been demanding that independent repair shops to give Samsung the name, contact information, phone identifier, and customer complaint details of everyone who gets their phone repaired at these shops.