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Dorsey refuses to back down
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Will continue to fact check Trump

Twitter will continue to fact check Donald Trump despite the President's censorship threats. 

Anti-porn filters saved Cummings
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We thought that was the point

Twitter's anti-porn filters have blocked Dominic Cummings' name from trending on the platform, despite Boris Johnson's chief adviser dominating British political news for almost a week.

Trump moves to censor social media
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For the crime of deleting his false and misleading posts

US President Donald “inject the bleach” Trump is about to sign an executive order to shut down social media sites which warn people about his medical advice and other fake news.

Intel notes PC back from the dead
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2020 will be the year of Windows on the desktop

Intel's global vice president of client computing sales, Steve Long, is telling the world that he is optimistic about the future of the PC market.

Microsoft wants to kill us
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Slack CEO moans

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield claimed earlier this month that Microsoft Teams isn't a competitor to Slack but now he is saying that Vole wants the company dead.