Sono to release a voice assistant service
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How many of those do we need?

Sonos is preparing to introduce its own voice assistant service within the next few weeks, according to people familiar with the company's plans.

Pixel Watch leaked after being left in a restaurant
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Users never went back for it

Android Central was sent images of Google's upcoming Pixel Watch after it was reportedly left at a restaurant and its users never went back for it.

Meta will have first gen glasses by 2024
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Will probably go the same way as the others

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is flat out trying to deliver the first generation by 2024 with a lighter, more advanced design for 2026, followed by a third version in 2028.

Atlantia wants to build smart roads in the US
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As opposed to stupid bridges that collapse in Italy

Having flogged its motorway business in Italy, Atlantia is investing in smart traffic technology to help drive the development of cleaner transport and open up new markets such as the United States.

Second Sight left users blind
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Wonder why Big Tech is not really a health solution

If you were wondering why Big Tech really should not be involved in health care, you only have to look at the case of bionic eyes made by Second Sight.