Putin's hackers are using IoT drones
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All your lightbulbs are belong  us 

Hackers working for the Russian government have been using printers, video decoders, and other so-called Internet-of-things devices as a beachhead to penetrate targeted computer networks, Microsoft security experts warned.

World growing smart cities
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Just add some magic beans

Cities around the world are increasingly becoming dependent on technology and Smart Cities are growing fast according to John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices

Apple gives up on VR and AR
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Too hard

ThefFruity cargo-cult Apple has decided that augmented virtual reality is not going to be super, cool, and game-changing, and it has given up on the project.

Amazon admits keeping Alexa recordings forever
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And flogging the contents to advertisers

A US senator who asked how long Amazon kept voice recordings and transcripts was a little surprised at the result.

Magic Leap claim Chinese spy nicked its technology
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You can sue too, we're going to Xu, Xu, Xu

The US startup that makes an AR headset to project digital objects onto the real world, has claimed one of its former engineers nicked its tech.