Micron sees life in the memory industry
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Things are looking up

Micron claims to have overcome key DRAM and Flash memory problems and says the industry is looking rather good.

Intel has by-passed Trump's China tariffs
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Will just shuffle production through other facilities

Intel is expected to ignore the worst aspects of President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump's trade war with China by shifting its production among its facilities.

Intel Gaming offers @AMDRyzen an 8086K CPU
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Twitter wars

Intel found its sense of humor and offered to send @AMDRyzen twitter account, a brand-new Core i7 8086K.

HPE to build the world's largest ARM-based supercomputer
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Ad astra per aspera

HPE is building what it is calling the world's largest ARM-based supercomputer.

AMD takes another stab at Intel
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Offers to exchange sweepstake Core i7-8086K for Threadripper 1950X

AMD is having a blast in taking stabs at Intel these days and in its latest one, it goes for the recently announces Intel sweepstake, offering to exchange the prized Core i7-8086K limited edition CPU for a brand new Threadripper 1950X CPU.