Samsung develops Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module
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Says it will transform DRAM

Samsung Electronics has developed the industry’s first Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module (LPCAMM) form factor, which is expected to transform the DRAM market for PCs and laptops — and potentially data centres.

Intel confirms Meteor Lake desktop CPUs for next year
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Kills those Meteor Lake-S cancellation rumors

While earlier rumors suggested that Intel might have canceled its Meteor Lake-S, it appears these CPUs will indeed launch, but sometime next year.

China stops exporting minerals for semiconductors
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Maybe that US-China trade ban was not such a good idea

China's exports of two rare minerals essential for manufacturing semiconductors fell to zero in August, a month after Beijing imposed curbs on sales overseas, citing national security.

Lunar Lake on Intel 20A shown on the stage
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Powered on and runs AI stable diffusion

Lunar Lake Intel 20A consumer processor, expected to launch next year, made a surprise appearance as a part of Pat Gelsinger´s keynote. The demo showed silicon in good shape running the Windows operating system and the AI application.

Meteor Lake secret sauce are the island cores
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Game-changing battery life

Intel’s CEO Pat Galsinger just announced Meteor Lake, and the company believes that this is a disruptive product. One specific feature made me a believer, as at Intel Technology Tour Malaysia, Tim Wilson, vice president of Intel’s Design Engineering Group and general manager of SoC Design, detailed the architecture behind Meteor Lake mobile processors, which will deliver game-changing performance and power efficiency for the PC industry when launched later this year.