Cooler Master releases new X Silent Edge Platinum 850 fanless PSU
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Bundles it with a 27-inch FHD 240Hz gaming monitor

Cooler Master has released its newest X Silent Edge Platinum 850 power supply unit, which is the world's first 850W fanless PSU on the market. In order to celebrate the launch, Cooler Master is bundling it with its own GM27-CFX 27-inch FHD 240Hz Curved Gaming monitor as a special preorder campaign.

Chipzilla provides update on game crashes
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Not good news

Chipzilla Intel has provided an update on its investigation into the causes of game crashes on its CPUs, including the Core i9 14900K and it is not good news.

Apple decides it is too fat and needs to lose weight
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Wants to get back to what it was 10 years ago

The fruity cargo cult Apple has developed a middle-aged spread and decided to go back to the days when it was known for its slimness.

Gigabyte announces AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD
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Hitting 14.5GB/s and up to 4TB capacities

Gigabyte has unveiled its newest AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD, officially reaching 14GB/s sequential speeds and coming in up to 4TB capacities.

MediaTek working on ARM for Windows SoC
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Will push it as soon as Qualcomm's exclusivity deal expires

According to a report from Reuters, MediaTek is allegedly working hard on an ARM-based SoC for Windows-based laptops and could launch it as soon as Qualcomm's exclusivity deal expires.