G.Skill unveils short KM250 RGB keyboard
Published in PC Hardware

A 67-key/65 percent portable RGB keyboard

G.Skill has announced its new 65 percent compact mechanical keyboard with a 67-key layout design, the KM250.

Crucial T700 PCIe Gen5 SSD spotted
Published in PC Hardware

Reaching 12,422/11,858 MB/s of sequential performance

Crucial's PCIe Gen5 SSD based on a Phison E26 controller has been spotted online, and it achieves some impressive sequential performance.

HD’s might not be SSD’s more reliable cousin
Published in PC Hardware

Some are more reliable than others

While most of the world only uses HDs for long term data storage tasks, some of them might not be fit for the purpose.

AMD announce delays and Intel abandons Thunder Bay
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Bad week for dropping the ball

Intel and AMD dropped the ball on some key products. AMD said it was postponing this month's launch of the 7040HS series to April, and Chipzilla abandoned its Thunder Bay niche accelerator.

FSP Group announces new generation of ATX 3.0 power supplies
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HYDRO PRO series to lead the pack

FSP Group has announced its new generation of ATX 3.0 power supplies with PCIe Gen 5 standard, which will include the recently introduced 12VHPWR power connector. The lineup includes the HYDRO PRO series ATX PSUs as well as the SFX DAGGER PRO series.