MSI's Project Zero motherboard spotted
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When you don't want to see those pesky connectors

MSI's new Project Zero motherboard design has been spotted online, and this is a whole new concept in designing the motherboard in order to hide all connectors.

AMD says AM4 is here to stay
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"Will continue for many years to come"

While it has officially unveiled its next-gen AM5 platform at Computex, AMD was keen to note that the AM4 platform is not going anywhere and it is here to stay.

Boston kids weaponise Chromebooks
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Bullies have no other use for them

Boston City-issued Chromebooks were a feature in three Boston school assaults recently.

Lenovo wants its Thinkpad to match a desktop
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ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation

Lenovo has just announced the ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation, which it thinks is as good as a desktop.

PC sales dropped like a rock says Chinese chip maker
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Blames Russia-Ukraine war and COVID response

Top Chinese chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. says demand for mobile phones, personal computers and home appliances has dropped "like a rock" and shows no signs of recovering.