Altman may not have been as beloved by staff as claimed
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Don't cha know he's  toxic 

While history will paint Sam Altman as a victim after his firing and reinstatement at by the OpenAI board, there might have been a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Disinformation scholar accuses Harvard University of colluding with Facebook
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Fired her because Facebook didn’t like what she wrote

A prominent disinformation scholar has accused Harvard University of firing her to butter up Facebook and its current and former executives.

IBM wants to use AI to upgrade COBOL
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Before the COBOL cowboys die out

Biggish blue has a cunning plan to use AI to convert COBOL code into something a little more modern.

Apple spends a fortune to defeat a teen
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Claimed Beeper Mini was serpent in walled garden

Apple has spent a week of its time and energy trying to undo the work of a 16-year-old high school student who reverse-engineered Apple's messaging protocol, launching an interoperable Android app called "Beeper Mini".

Doom turns 30
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11 December 2023

Doom turns 30

And the modern games industry began

The first “modern” computer game Doom is celebrating its 30th birthday today.

Big companies sign up to tackle Internet latency issues
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L4S kills buffer bloat

Big companies are becoming more interested in the L4S stands for Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput which should speed up the Internet for most users.

Race is on for 2nm processing
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Samsung sets 2025 for 2nm and 2027 for 1.4nm

The big foundries are starting to gear up for 2nm processing.

Fairphone 5 gets perfect score from iFixit
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Could last ten years 

The iFixit team pulled apart the newest Fairphone 5 smartphone and awarded its highest score for repairability: 10 out of 10.

UK mulls anti-trust probe against Microsoft and OpenAI
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Are they too close for comfort?

UK competition watchdogs are investigating the relationship between the software King of the World Microsoft and AI company OpenAI.

UK mobile phone operators face class action
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Loyalty lock-ins might have been illegal 

The UK's biggest mobile phone operators could face total damages of $4.15 billion following class-action claims that they allegedly charged 5 million existing customers "loyalty penalties" over 16-years.