TSMC’s EUV-based process netting big customers
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Mobile World Congress will show the depth of its success

The Mobile World Congress is expected to show how well TSMC’s EUV-based process is doing at attracting customers.

Italian right-wingers call for Huawei ban
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No evidence but we believe what Trump says

Right-wing populist lawmakers from Italy’s ruling coalition are pushing the government to ban China’s Huawei from supplying equipment for the country’s rollout of 5G mobile communications.

Exorcising Spectre needs a new angle
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CPUs need to be overhauled not software fixes

Google researchers have warned that it will be challenging to avoid Spectre bugs unless CPUs are dramatically overhauled.

Consumer Reports stops recommending Tesla 3
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Not reliable

Consumer Reports is pulling its recommendation of the Tesla Model 3, citing reliability issues with the car.

Switzerland’s voting full of holes
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If only there were a cheesy metaphor, we could use here

Switzerland made headlines this month for the transparency of its internet voting system when it launched a fondue of public penetration tests and bug bounty programme to test the resiliency of the system to attack.

Waymo’s self-driving car can follow hand signals
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Will not run over the cop.

Waymo's self-driving cars will now be able to use AI to detect and respond to the arm movements of a traffic cop as they wave traffic through an intersection.

Nike’s high-tech shoes won’t boot
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Help my left foot is bricked

Nike users are experiencing some technical difficulties in its strange world of connected footwear.

Pixelworks Iris 5 to improve future smartphone displays
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HDR10/HDR10+ Tone Mapping, smooth gaming 

Pixelworks recently scored a strategic agreement with HDM Nokia and just days before MWC the company announced its 5th generation Iris. Now, the company announced its next generation power efficient premier processor for mobile devices.

Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC is an adaptable RF radio platform
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Single chip for 5G Wireless, Cable Access and Radar Applications

Xilinx was one of the winners of the 4G  battle because of its involvement in 4G adaptable solutions for the infrastructure and the fact that the infrastructure changes in order to accommodate the new 3GPP standards.

OnePlus 5G with Snapdragon 855 arrives in Q2 19
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On Finnish carrier Elisa

Finland is the land of Nokia and Nokia is a big player in the 5G infrastructure. This is why Finnish telecommunication carrier Elisa plans to launch a OnePlus 5G enabled device in the second quarter of 2019.