Apple announces new 15-inch MacBook Air
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New screen size and M2 SoC

Apple has now officially, and finally, announced the MacBook Air in 15-inch size. In addition to the new Retina screen, the 15-inch MacBook Air also got the M2 chip, the same one from the 13-inch model.

Intel sets the date for its new Intel Innovation 2023 event
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A lot of announcements expected on September 19

Intel has set the date for its Intel Innovation event that will be held in San Jose on September 19-20. Hopefully, it will be as interesting as the last one and we'll see plenty of announcements.

Apple announces the M2 Ultra SoC at WWDC23
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Coming to new Mac Studio and Mac Pro

At its WWDC23 event that kicked off earlier today, Apple announced its latest M2 Ultra SoC, and just like the last year with M1 Ultra, Apple has combined two M2 Max chips with UltraFusion to boost up the performance, giving it more cores, and equip it with 192GB of unified memory and 800GB/s of bandwidth. It will be coming to the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro systems.

Troubled MariaDB shuffles CEO sideways
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Michael Howard replaced by Paul O’Brien

There has been a significant reshuffle at the troubled open saucy MariaDB where Michael Howard, the company’s current CEO has been replaced by Paul O’Brien.

Japanese building wooden satellite
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Just as good as metal

The Japanese space agency (JAXA) and NASA plan to launch a satellite made of wood in 2024. 

Red Hat orphans LibreOffice
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Gnome alone

The Red Hat Package Managers for LibreOffice have been orphaned, according to a post by Red Hat manager Matthias Clasen on the "LibreOffice packages" mailing list.

Linux-based System76 prefers to shut off the Intel Management Engine
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Open Sauce outfit worried about the closed firmware

Linux computer vendor System76 has said that it prefers to disable the Intel Management Engine wherever possible to reduce the amount of closed firmware running on System76 hardware.

Linux foundation pushes micro-grids
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Shokka: 2023 could be the year when Linux starts controlling the power supply

The Linux Foundation has published its best seller The Open Source Opportunity for Microgrids: Five Ways to Drive Innovation and Overcome Market Barriers for Energy Resilience. The punchy-titled research explains how microgrids could be the next big thing.

No, an AI drone did not kill a human
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USAF colonel shocked when US media took him so literally

Last week, a USAF colonel hit the headlines when he told a London conference that an AI-enabled drone turned on and “killed” its human operator during a simulated test.

Apple’s bank is the Hotel California of banking
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Check your money in whenever you like, but you can’t take it out

Apple fanboys are a little surprised that Apple’s Savings Account system has a super-cool, innovative feature that means they can’t take it out.