Nvidia introduces RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation workstation GPU
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Whole range of RTX Ada Generation mobile workstation GPUs as well

Nvidia has introduced a couple of new workstation GPUs at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2023, including the low profile RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation desktop workstation GPU, as well as a total of five new mobile Ada Generation workstation GPUs.

Intel Arc A750 drops down to $225
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Newegg promotion nudges Arc A750 closer to RX 6600 XT

The Arc A750 8GB is now discounted on Newegg.com, putting some cards up as low as $225. This puts the Arc A750 head to head with AMD Radeon RX 6600, RX 6600 XT, and even Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 12GB.

Gigabyte leaks desktop RTX 4060 via its GCC tool specs
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Also spins beans on RTX 4070 memory

Gigabyte appears to have accidentally leaked the specifications of the desktop RTX 4060 via its Gigabyte Control Center (GCC) tool.

Asus and Noctua team up for Geforce RTX 4080 Noctua Edition graphics card
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Promises the quietest card in its class, but at a price

Following the success of its previous Noctua Edition graphics cards, namely the RTX 3080 and the 3070 Noctua Edition, Asus and Noctua have decided to team up again on the latest collaboration, the Asus Geforce RTX 4080 Noctua Edition. Featuring an intricate cooling system, the new card promises to be the quietest card in its class.

Intel releases new Arc Graphics .4148 graphics driver
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Diablo IV Beta and Deceive Inc. support

Intel has released its latest version of the Arc GPU Graphics Driver, version 1010.4148 Beta. This one brings Game On support and optimizations as well as fixes several issues on both Intel Arc and Intel Core products.