Smartphone users have the attention span of a goldfish
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Nothing to do with too many notifications

A study has poured cold water on the notion that smartphone users are distracted by too many notifications.

Apple’s Big Sur has a huge security hole
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Ignored all warnings

Security researchers are blasting Apple for a feature in the latest Big Sur release of macOS that allows some Apple apps to bypass content filters and VPNs.

Purism ships mass-produced Librem 5
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PureOS operating system is an Android alternative

This week Purism began shipping a mass produced Librem 5 phone to customers.

Realme managed to sell 8.3 million devices during Festive Days sale
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6.3 million smartphones

Realme has announced it managed to flog a total of 8.3 million devices during the Festive Days sale in India, of which 6.3 million were smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro to come with QHD+ 120Hz screen
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Alongside Qualcomm's Snapdragon 875

Xiaomi's Mi 11 Pro should be one of the first smartphones with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 875 SoC and a recent rumor suggests it should also come with a 120Hz QHD+ display as well.