Ymobile delays Huawei P30 Lite launch
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Fears of US restrictions

Japanese telco SoftBank's low-cost mobile brand Ymobile said on Wednesday it would delay the launch of Huawei P30 Lite smartphone, following the imposition of trade restrictions on the Chinese manufacturer by Washington.

Sony not giving up on smartphones
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Tells investors to go forth and multiply

Sony has told its investors that it will not be giving up on smartphones, despite them thinking that it is a waste of cash and effort.

Honor downbeat at telephone launch
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It's football crazy

An uncharacteristically understated presentation at the hard to find Battersea Evolution conference centre marked Honor's presentation of a range of phones.

Google loses three key SoC mobile engineers
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Pixel own in house SoC dream dies

Google has reportedly lots three of its key hardware engineers that gave the iPhone A series chip its edge. Manu Gulati, John Bruno and Vinod Chamarty waved Google goodbye, the departure caused by the lack of Google’s ambition to build a serious mobile SoC platform.  Apple will have an easier time to complete, now.

Google pulls the Android plug on Huawei
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We sense a backfire

US president Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s trade war and a personal grudge against Huawei has suddenly found an ally in Google.