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Users face collateral damage in Apple’s war with Qualcomm

by on12 June 2017

Iphones will be slower than anyone else

The Tame Apple Press has just woken up to something we have been saying for ages – the iPhone will have slower download speeds because Apple wants to punish Qualcomm for not doing what it is told.

For those who came in late, Apple snubbed Qualcomm and bought Intel modems for its iPhones. The only problem is that the Intel modems are not as fast and Qualcomm modems clean their clock. 

Apple could, in theory, continue to use Qualcomm's chips, but according to the Tame Apple Press it does not like “being dependant on a single supplier” although that had not been a problem in the past. In fact what is more likely is that Apple is seeing sales of its iPhone cash cow drop and it wants to boost margins on the smaller sales to make up for it. It has asked its suppliers to drop their prices so that Apple can clean up. The only difficulty is Qualcomm told Apple to go forth and multiply.

Apple has sued Qualcomm claiming it is playing monopoly but in the meantime it is stuck with Intel modems.

Now Bloomberg  has realised in horror that all Apples serious rivals will be faster than the Iphone. Apple's decision clashes with the marketing plans of a cellular industry desperate to show off faster network speeds to grab market share.

The top U.S. wireless carriers -- Verizon AT&T, T-Mobile US and Sprint -- have declared 2017 the year of one gigabit speeds and yet the iPhone will not manage this.

Apple is hoping that its users are too stupid to notice and will buy what they are told, and to be fair they are probably right. The original iPhone launched in 2007 without support for 3G networks, and it was still successful. The iPhone did not support LTE technology until 2012, a year after Samsung.

Last modified on 12 June 2017
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