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Chromebooks are not good for the world

by on09 December 2023

Lenovo will keep making them

Lenovo will keep making Chromebooks even if they are bad for profits and for polar bears. 

Chromebooks score poorly when it comes to sustainability and revenue, but a Lenovo spokesman said that his outfit would keep making them.

Senior VP Che Min Tu said that he did not know anyone who made money out of Chromebooks and they were not that great from an environmental standpoint either as recycling its material is not easy, or cheap.

"But I think we'll continue to sell the Chromebook because there's a demand particularly from the education sector."

Tu said while the number of Chromebooks being sold has dropped since the pandemic, the education market has kept it afloat. In the US, education accounted for 80 percent of Chromebook sales in Q2 this year.

IDC estimated that Q2 Chromebook channel sales shrank 1.8 percent to 5.8 million units in that quarter as many customers had refreshed in the previous quarter to avoid a licensing increase in the second half of 2023.

Last modified on 09 December 2023
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