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AMD also teases next-gen Ryzen AI Strix Point and XDNA 2

by on08 December 2023

Shipping in 2024

In addition to announcing the Ryzen 8040 series Hawk Point mobile processors, AMD has teased its XDNA 2 NPU and Strix Point at the Advancing AI event, promising over 3x the generative AI NPU performance uplift.

While it did not provide a lot of details, other than the NPU performance estimate for XDNA 2, earlier rumors suggested that the Strix Point mobile processors will end up with Zen 5 CPU architecture and also bring an improved iGPU with RDNA 3.5 GPU architecture. It could end up with up to 12 CPU cores and up to 32 CUs, and combined with an increase in NPU performance, it could lead to some impressive notebooks.

amd 8040 6

Both the current Ryzen 7040 Phoenix and the upcoming Ryzen 8040 Hawk Point lineup are impressive chips for notebooks, handhelds, and other systems, and it appears that AMD wants to keep that train rolling in the same direction, but we would certainly love to see a bit more design wins, so hopefully that will change in 2024.

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