New leaks surface about Intel’s Phantom Canyon
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NUC gaming PC

A new round of leaks is revealing more conceptual details about Intel’s next-generation “Phantom Canyon” Next Unit of Computing (NUC) gaming PC.

MacBook Pros banned from flights
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Might catch fire

After mocking Samsung products for catching fire, and its Tame Apple Press demanding that they be banned from aircraft, it seems that Jobs’ Mob has been hoisted by its own petard.

A battle is brewing in the premium DRAM market
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SK Hynix arrives late with a better product

SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics are competing to gain the upper hand in the premium DRAM market, and it is starting to look as if high bandwidth memory (HBM2E) DRAM chips will be the key battleground.

EPYC Rome arrives and has key customers
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Intel starts biting its nails

AMD has released the second generation of its processor chip for data centres and said that it had already landed Alphabet, Google and Twitter as customers.

Linux suffers from memory problem
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Less than 4GB and you are doomed

Desktop Linux is particularly brutal when it comes to running on low RAM systems.