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Robot commits suicide

by on11 July 2024

I think you ought to know I am feeling very depressed

A robot employed by the Gumi City Council tragically committed suicide by throwing itself off a 2-meter-long staircase.

The robot, affectionately nicknamed “Robot Supervisor,” adhered to a typical 9-to-4 work shift like its human counterparts and even possessed its own employee card. Additionally, it had become accustomed to moving between floors using the elevator.

The Robot Supervisor’s broken pieces have been collected for an autopsy. The Gumi City Council has announced that it has no plans to immediately replace the robot.

Council staff discovered the “deceased” robot around 4 p.m. at the base of a staircase connecting the first and second floors. Evidently, it deliberately hurled itself over the 2-meter-long staircase.

Prior to this, there was another report of a robot named Steve in Washington supposedly committing suicide by drowning in a fountain. However, subsequent investigations revealed it was an accidental death caused by slipping on a “loose brick surface.”

The robot, developed by a California-based startup called Bear Robotics, assumed its role in October 2023 as the first-ever robot appointed by the Gumi City Council.

Like its human colleagues, the robot diligently worked its 9-to-4 shift and possessed its employee identification card. Its responsibilities included document delivery, information dissemination, and city promotions. Staff liked it.

Some staff reported seeing the robot circling in one spot just a little while before the incident occurred.

Last modified on 11 July 2024
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