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High-end Arrow Lake CPU gets a GPU

by on10 July 2024

But Chipzilla walks away from Core Ultra 9 F CPUs

Recent leaks suggest that Intel's product strategy is shifting. They indicate that the company will not release any Core Ultra 9 F CPUs.

Instead, all new high-end Arrow Lake CPUs are expected to include an integrated GPU. This would represent a significant departure from Intel's previous offerings, which allowed gamers to opt for CPUs without an integrated GPU, thereby saving money.

Chipzilla’s F-series CPUs have been part of its lineup for over five years, starting with the Core i9 9900KF, which lacked an integrated GPU. These processors have been featured in guides to the best gaming CPUs, as they offer a cost-effective solution for those using dedicated graphics cards, eliminating the need to pay for unnecessary integrated graphics.

According to well known leaker Jaykinh, all Core Ultra 9 SKUs will come with integrated graphics, explicitly stating that these models will have no F variants. While not officially confirmed, this information has stirred discussions among the gaming community.

The absence of F-series CPUs in the Core 9 Ultra lineup doesn't rule out their existence in other segments of the Arrow Lake series. However, for gamers willing to invest over $500 in a CPU, the potential savings from choosing an F-series model may not be substantial enough to influence their decision.

The leak suggests that technical considerations may influence Intel's decision. Modern GPUs serve purposes beyond graphics rendering, such as AI processing. For instance, Intel's Lunar Lake mobile SoC includes a Battlemage GPU with dedicated XMX engines for AI tasks. Intel might aim to maintain all AI capabilities in its high-end CPUs to bolster its AI processing claims.

F-series CPUs without integrated graphics might remain available at lower price points. These CPUs have traditionally been excellent choices for budget gaming PCs, with models like the Core i5 12400F and Core i5 13400F offering great value for entry-level gaming setups.

Jaykinh has also confirmed the names of Intel's upcoming Arrow Lake desktop CPUs, with the 285K, 265K, and 245K models. These CPUs are expected to feature 24, 20, and 14 cores, aligning with Intel's 14th-gen lineup.

Intel will say nothing until the official launch of the Arrow Lake series. In the meantime, the Ryzen 7 7800X3D is currently a highly recommended option for those searching for a new gaming CPU.


Last modified on 10 July 2024
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