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Nvidia boss says Koduri defection bad for AMD

by on13 November 2017

 Not worried about a stronger Intel

Chief executive Jensen Huang was clearly over the moon about Raja Koduri leaving AMD to become Intel’s senior VP of the Core and Visual Computing Group.

He told Tom’s Hardware that “Raja leaving AMD is a great loss for AMD, and it's a recognition by Intel probably that the GPU is just incredibly important now".

Koduri apparently has orders to deliver ‘high-end discrete graphics’ and not integrated (on-processor) chips Intel has given us so far.

Huang said that the modern GPU is not a graphics accelerator. “We just left the letter ‘G’ in there, but these processors are domain-specific parallel accelerators, and they are enormously complex, they are the most complex processors built by anybody on the planet.”

It is not surprising that the Nvidia CEO wants to paint Koduri’s departure as a bad thing for AMD, and AMD’s graphics cards, in terms of it being a ‘great loss’.

He sees Intel’s press release welcoming Koduri into the fold is more about targeting heavyweight arenas such as AI and machine learning, rather than anything to do with gaming.

Huang added a dig at AMD and Intel teaming up to make laptop processors with integrated AMD graphics. He said that the chip that Intel and AMD built together was inforiar to Nvidia's offering.

“The combination of Pascal and Max-Q has really raised the bar, and that's really the essence of it”, he said.

“The energy efficiency of Pascal GeForce and the Max-Q design technology and all of the software we have created has really set a new design point for the industry, it is now possible to build a state of the art gaming notebook with the most leading edge GeForce processors, and we want to deliver gaming experiences many times that of a console in 4K and have that be in a laptop that is 18mm thin."

Last modified on 13 November 2017
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