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MSI shows Intel Meteor Lake laptop at Computex 2023

by on01 June 2023

A 16-core/22-thread configuration with Movidius VPU onboard

The Computex 2023 is a big show so it does not come as a surprise that members of the press can stumble upon products that are not officially announced, as it happened with MSI's Prestige 16 Studio laptop that was actually running Intel's upcoming 14th gen Meteor Lake processor.

MSI's Prestige 16 Studio laptop would not be big news as it was announced back at CES 2023 with Intel's 13th gen Raptor Lake CPUs. While it is still in it early stages and probably not the final specification, the CPU is described as the "Latest Intel Core i7 processor", and according to the device manager, it is a 16-core/22-thread SKU which means that it has six P-cores with Hyper-Threading, eight E-cores, and two additional E-cores inside the SoC tile. The device manager also confirms that the chip has Movidius VPU onboard, but as detailed earlier by Intel at a closed-door event, this is still in its early stages and needs a bit more work.

The 16-core SKU works at 3.1GHz and boosts up to 4.2GHz, but this can't be confirmed as the final specification. managed to grab a bit more details, showing that it runs 16GB of LPDDR5 memory and that the CPU packs 1.6MB of L1 cache, 18MB of L2 cache, and 24MB of L3 cache. The HWINFO also pulled some details about the Intel Arc graphics iGPU, which packs 128 EUs, or 1024 ALUs.

MSI says this particular Prestige 16 Studio (and Evo as well) laptop is scheduled to launch in Q4 2023, which lines up with Intel plans for the 14th gen Meteor Lake.

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