Apple’s over-priced largely useless Vision Pro is selling
Published in IoT

The standards of the world have slipped even lower

Apple flogs 180,000 Vision Pro headsets to gullible fans who don't mind paying $3,499 for a largely useless glorified toy.

LG's smart washer has dirty secret
Published in IoT

It goes online and uploads gigabytes of data

An LG washing machine owner was shocked that his smart home gadget uploaded a whopping 3.66GB of data daily.

Apple's bizarre AR and VR rules
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Don’t call them Vision Pro apps

Fruity cargo cult Apple is trying to slap some daft rules on those who want to release apps for its overpriced Vision Pro’s visionOS.

Biden refuses to pardon Apple Watch
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Only other types of turkey

The US government has banned imports and sales of Apple Watches that use a technology that rips off a medical company, after President Joe Biden's refused to step and help Jobs' Mob out.

Apple plans to launch Vison Pro early
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It is not as if anyone is going to buy it

The fruity cargo cult Apple is planning to release its horrendously priced and clunky Vision Pro headset earlier than expected.