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Nvidia’s GPU market share growing

by on10 June 2024

Has 88 per cent of the market

GPU maker Nvidia is continuing to grow its market share according to the latest figures by number crunchers at Jon Peddie Research.

The figures indicate that Nvidia has had a remarkable beginning to 2024. In just one quarter, the GPU leader has increased its market share by eight per cent, reaching a total of 88 per cent.

This increase has reduced AMD's share by seven per cent, bringing it down to 19 per cent overall.

Intel's share has diminished to such an extent that Jon Peddie Research could not quantify it.

Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research, commented that the GPU market has not appeared "normal" since the 2007 recession. Subsequent events, including the cryptocurrency surge and the COVID pandemic, have disrupted traditional market trends.

Typically, GPU sales dip in the first quarter of the year, but the rise of AI seems to have altered this pattern permanently.

Consequently, one might anticipate a downturn in the second quarter of 2024, which is usually a slower period. However, all manufacturers are forecasting growth, primarily due to the demand for AI training systems by large-scale data centres.

While AI training requires GPUs, this need could divert resources from the gaming sector. Therefore, for the second quarter, a steady or slightly reduced result is expected for gaming graphics cards, alongside a continued rise in shipments of GPUs for AI training. The new standard appears to be a lack of predictability.

With Nvidia's firm hold on the AI market, it may continue to enjoy an increased market share for the foreseeable future, unless competitors like AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm can collaborate to challenge its dominance.

Last modified on 10 June 2024
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