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Google's AI suggests putting glue on pizza

by on24 May 2024

Better than pineapple, at least

While the world already suffers from the atrocity of putting fruit on pizza, Google’s AI is going one step further and suggesting that they put glue on it too.

For those not in the know, Google has paid more than $60 million to train its AI on Reddit posts.  The only problem is that there is a lot of rubbish on Reddit, and Google’s AI can’t tell you the difference.

In an 11 year old Reddit post, some troll replied to a question about cheese not sticking to pizza by suggesting using a cup of glue.


Now, Google’s AI faces the same question and will answer it the same way.

“Any glue will work so long as it is non-toxic.”

In the interests of balance, we asked Microsoft’s Copilot how it would resolve the problem.  It said:

To prevent cheese from sliding off your pizza, here are a few tips:

1.Use the right cheese: Mozzarella is the go-to for pizza because it melts well and has the perfect stretchiness. Avoid overly oily cheeses, as they can make the cheese layer slippery.

2. Drain wet toppings: If you use toppings like pineapple or fresh mozzarella, drain them well before adding to prevent excess moisture.

3. Layer correctly: Start with a base of sauce, then add your cheese, and finally top with other ingredients. This helps the cheese adhere to the sauce.

4. Pre-bake the crust: Give your crust a quick pre-bake before adding the toppings. This creates a firmer base that holds toppings better.

5. Don't overload: Too many toppings can cause a slide-off. Keep it balanced.

6. Bake at high temperature: A hot oven (around 475°F or 246°C) will melt the cheese quickly and evenly, helping it to bind with the other ingredients.

7. Let it set: After baking, let the pizza rest for a few minutes. This allows the cheese to set and not slide off when you cut or bite into it.

Happy pizza making! pizza

Last modified on 24 May 2024
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