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Autocorrect Anarchy

by on23 May 2024

Not today Satan

 Brits with unique names are up in arms and demanding tech giants to stop the "name shaming" madness of autocorrect.

The "I am not a typo" brigade, featuring Irish, Indian, and Welsh monikers, is rallying for a tech revolution on our phones and computers.

 Savan-Chandni Gandecha, 34, a British Indian whiz whose poetic name is butchered to "Satan."

"They've even called me Savant," he grumbles. "Sometimes it's Savan, or they snub my hyphen, and that really gets my goat," he adds

"It's not just an English kerfuffle. It's a global gaffe!"

The campaign's shocking stats reveal that Microsoft's English dictionary slapped a whopping four in ten tots born in England and Wales in 2021 with the "wrong" label.

Journalist Dhruti Shah, often autocorrected to "Dirty" and "Dorito," says, "My name's short and sweet – just six letters – but when it's mangled, it's like they're saying I'm the mistake."

The London creatives behind the campaign have penned a  snot-o-gram  to the tech titans, spotlighting the plight of the 2,328 Esmaes (often autocorrected to "Admar") versus the unscathed 36 Nigels. "Autocorrect's got a Western, white bias," Gandecha blasts.

Rashmi Dyal-Chand, a US professor frequently mistaken for "Sashimi," backs the cause, declaring, "For us unique-named folks, autocorrect's a hindrance, not a help. It's downright harmful!"

Karen Fox, mum to Eoin and Niamh, is peeved by the pesky red underlines.

"I didn't pick 'wrong' names for my kids. Tech firms always update slang – fixing this should be a doddle and top of the list!" she asserts.

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