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Apple banned Jon Stewart from interviewing FTC

by on03 April 2024

Apple throttles news content

In a bombshell revelation, comedy legend Jon Stewart laid bare Apple's iron grip, alleging the tech behemoth blocked him from interviewing Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan when he worked for the fruity cargo cult.

Stewart's Apple TV+ venture bid adieu late last year after creative disparities arose between the comedian and Apple honchos, including divergent views on topics such as China and AI, according to The New York Times reports.

Stewart dropped the bombshell to Khan, lamenting Apple's interference in his attempt to feature her on a podcast. During a candid chat, the host disclosed the roadblock, referencing his former podcast affiliated with his Apple TV+ comedy show "The Problem With Jon Stewart."

"They flat out said 'don't chat with her,' not because of her professional role. I reckon they just... weren't feeling the love for you," Stewart quipped during his tête-à-tête with Khan on his new  Daily Show.

"They shut down even our silliest ideas, like the banter we tried to pull off about AI in the opening act. What's with the touchiness? Why the fear of open dialogue?" he questioned.

Khan is currently taking Jobs’ Mob to the cleaners, accusing the Cupertino giant of wielding its monopoly power in the smartphone realm. The suit singles out Apple's stranglehold as a potential threat to free speech.

"Apple's influence goes beyond mere monopoly gains and directly impacts the discourse landscape. For instance, Apple is rapidly expanding its footprint in the TV and film domain and has utilised its clout to steer content," the complaint emphasises.

Stewart triumphantly returned to "The Daily Show" in February, reclaiming his throne as the satirical kingpin through the 2024 election cycle.

Last modified on 03 April 2024
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