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Linux foundation pushes micro-grids

by on05 June 2023

Shokka: 2023 could be the year when Linux starts controlling the power supply

The Linux Foundation has published its best seller The Open Source Opportunity for Microgrids: Five Ways to Drive Innovation and Overcome Market Barriers for Energy Resilience. The punchy-titled research explains how microgrids could be the next big thing.

For those who came in late, microgrids are groups of distributed energy resources designed to improve energy resiliency, with the ability to operate as part of a larger electrical grid, or separately.

The report highlights the current state of the microgrid market and explores the potential for open source technology to accelerate the adoption of microgrids worldwide.

It concludes that microgrids are an essential tool to improve energy resilience and advance decarbonisation, and that the market faces a range of challenges that the open source ecosystem is well positioned to address.

It looks at how participation in relevant open source programs and activities can help address gaps and challenges "and accelerate the learning, development, and governance of microgrid initiatives."

One focus of the report is "enabling market innovation toward energy resilience at scale, supporting the Energy sector to adopt proven open source-enabled business models, security benefits, and cost reductions demonstrated in the IT and Telecom industries."

The Foundation thinks that there are tons of opportunities for open source to accelerate the proliferation of microgrids as a mechanism for clean energy production and consumption."


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