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Some OUYA backers still don’t have their units

by on26 June 2013

Many units still apparently in transit

A good number of backers for the OUYA Kickstarter apparently have not received their units yet. While the company claims that units for all backers have shipped, they have recently discovered that many of them are still in transit, despite the fact that retail locations are now receiving their first shipments.

As you can imagine, this has made many people unhappy; but Ken Stephens, who is the head of Operations for OUYA, is doing his best to address the issue. It would appear that much of the problem has to do with DHL’s tracking system. Of course, this is combined with the fact that the units are built and assembled in mainland China, but are shipping from Hong Kong to their final destinations.

While the company has attempted to address the issues with DHL, it seems that units can be in limbo during parts of their movement to final delivery. A good number of units have reportedly been delivered to users without ever even being scanned for delivery tracking.

OUYA admits that the majority of the folks that don’t have their units yet are international backers of the OYUA Kickstarter. While Stephens vows to monitor the situation and make sure all of the backers get their units, it seems that users have little choice other than to wait for their unit to be delivered. We would not count on DHL tracking as a way of monitoring the expected delivery date. OUYA admits that after the units leave Hong Kong it can take as many as 15 to 17 days before it arrives at the designated destination.

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