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New Google Glass update brings HDR and more

by on06 June 2013

Captions for pictures as well

Google has released a new update for its Google Glass and this one brings HDR photography as well as captions for pictures.

The result of the update, or to be precise, the result of the HDR photography looks quite impressive judging by the first previews. In HDR mode Google Glass takes multiple photos at different exposures and then combine them into a single picture with greater dynamic range. This will result in much more details, especially in low lighting, that are not possible with a standard single exposure shot.

The second novelty is the ability to add captions to the pictures before sharing and it is not a big deal but still a neat update. It lets you select the add caption option and then simply say what you want, Google Glass voice recognition will take care of the rest.

We will probably see even more updates to Google Glass as we draw closer to its launch and for now it looks like neat little gadget.

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Last modified on 06 June 2013
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