TSMC cuts growth forecast
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Weaker smartphone demand

TSMC has cut its revenue growth forecast for 2018 to 10 percent from the previously estimated 10-15 percent  claiming that there is weaker than expected smartphone demand and growing uncertainty facing the cryptocurrency mining market.

Alibaba invests in Chinese chip making
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Jumping on the IoT bandwagon

Chinese e-commerce outfit Alibaba has bought a Chinese microchip maker to further its cloud-based “internet of things” (IoT) business and to build a Chinese chip industry.

ZTE says company's future is at risk
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A casualty of trade war

China’s ZTE said that a US ban on the sale of parts and software to the company was unfair and threatens its survival.

Microsoft runs out of Windows phones
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End of an error

Microsoft has finally run out of stock of its Windows phone finally ending something which should have been a good device.

Dr Peper claims smartphones more addictive than heroin
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Harder to inject

Smartphones are more addictive than heroin and  the world is falling to bits because kids are addicts, according to a new study.

Enmotus provides the storage brains behind new Ryzens
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StoreMI is based on the Enmotus FuzeDrive

Buried in the announcement about the four new 400-series chipset was the news that Enmotus was behind AMD's new StoreMI technology or Store Machine Intelligence.

AMD releases four second generation Ryzen chips
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15 percent higher gaming performance

AMD has announced the global availability of its second Generation AMD Ryzen desktop processors, which it claims, offer up to 15 percent higher gaming performance than the first generation.

Intel claims to have created world's fastest chip
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Stratix 10 can do 10 trillion floating point operations per second

Chipzilla claims that its new Stratix 10 chip is the world's fastest chip.

Chipzilla loses its specs
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Tame Apple Press claims Intel is short sighted

Intel has walked away from its Vaunt smart glasses and closing the group responsible for wearable devices.

AI robot does something a human can't
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Builds IKEA furniture without using a hammer to knock in the screws

A team of boffins has created robots that can do something even most humans struggle with – making IKEA furniture.