Silverstone unveils Strider Titanium line of PSUs
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Coming in 1100W, 1300W and 1500W versions

Silverstone has unveiled its latest line of high-wattage PSUs aimed at enthusiast gamers and overclockers, the Strider Titanium.

Apple can't make enough iPhone OLED screens
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OLED process not yielding enough for new phone

The fruity tax-dodging cargo cult Apple’s new iPhone 8 will be in short supply because it can’t get enough OLED panels.

Reviewer blasts Apple’s iPad Pro
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Can't replace your laptop – even for email

While the Tame Apple press has been doing its best to present the illusion that Apple's new iPad Pro is super, cool, and fantastic, it appears that there are more sensible reviewers out there.

Swedish Volvo driving systems can't understand kangaroos
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Has no problem with duck-billed Platypus

They might have a reputation of being the dullest but safest cars in the world, but Volvo’s self-driving cars are having a problem down under.

UK’s new warship runs Windows XP
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What could go wrong?

Britain’s largest and most expensive new warship is running the outdated Microsoft Windows XP.