Android phones track your every move
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Big Bother is watching you

A report said that even if you turn off location services on an Android phone and even if you haven't a SIM card, Google has been sending your data back to Big Bother central.

Intel admits bug infestation in Management Engine
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11 severe bugs were hidden

One of the issues about the Chipzilla's Mangement Engine was it was closed off, and no one could find out much about it.

Apple’s HomePod is at least two years behind Amazon
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They are a bit scared to release it

The reason for the delay for Apple’s HomePod smart speaker until next year might because Jobs’ Mob has realised that it has a lemon on its hands.

Kremlin takes on Google
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Publish our fake news or face the consequences

A spat has broken out between the search engine Google and the Russian government over Tsar Putin’s right to flood Google News with fake news.

Uber hid a hack
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Paid off the hackers

Controversial taxi outfit Uber sat on news that it had been hacked and 57 million customers and drivers had their details released.