Motherboard leak reveals Skylake
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Well a bit of it

A leak of the spec of a motherboard has provided us with a few ideas about Intel's coming Skylake chip.

Ericsson tries to stop US sales of iPhones
Published in Mobiles

Saving America from itself

Smartphone maker Ericsson said it has had a gutsful of Apple stealing its ideas and it's asking the U.S. International Trade Commission to block iPhones from sale. 

Microsoft might replace your doctor
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You are suffering from a blue screen of death

Software giant Microsoft might be able to resolve a staff shortage in doctors and nurses with AI. 

TSMC pulls off EUV on 1000 wafers
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Exposes itself

Chipmaking gear maker ASML has told the world that that its customer TSMC has exposed more than 1000 wafers on an NXE:3300B EUV system in a single day. 

Mobile World Congress will be all about watches
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And Apple will still not be there

The Mobile World Congress looks like it is going to be packed to the gunnels with people trying to peddle their version of the smartwatch. 

IBM tries to sell brains to US politicians
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They have been without them for so long

For a while now US politics has been dominated by those who think God created the world in seven days, climate change is a fabrication, and women enjoy being raped, but IBM thinks it can fix the terminal stupidity.

AMD and Nvidia will work together in perfect harmony
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Ebony and ivory

DirectX 12 looks set to bring Nvidia and AMD together, in a way that neither will be particularly happy about.

Apple steals Samsung staff now
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Its geniuses are failing

In another sign that the fruity cargo cult Apple is running out of ideas, it has been attempting steal staff from its rival Samsung.

China drops Western companies
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Stop spying on us

The Chinese government has banned western companies from taking part in some of its lucrative government contracts because the US government installs backdoors inside their gear.

image thanks to Gawker
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Fat chance.

The bloke who made a fortune from having people post naked pictures of their former partners without their consent has mounted a campaign to make sure that the Internet forgets all about him.