China could have an AI chip processing advantage
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Death of Moore’s Law opens new opportunities

The CEO of China-based Horizon Robotics, Yu Kai, claims that China could become very important in the development of AI chips.

Tame Apple Press claims that iPhone’s margins are not obscene
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Yeah right

The Tame Apple Press is going overboard to try to convince the world that Apple is not really forcing its users to pay a high margin.

John Chambers exits Cisco
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19 September 2017

John Chambers exits Cisco

Longest serving big-tech CEO

Cisco Systems had announced that its Executive Chairman John Chambers would not seek re-election after his term expires in December.

Senate votes Kaspersky Lab off its networks
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It is Putin’s pawn

The US Senate voted to ban Moscow-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab’s products from use by the federal government, claiming that it may be a pawn of the Kremlin and poses a national security risk.

Switzerland shuts down fake cryptocurrency
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In the good old days all you had to worry about was Nazi gold

Switzerland’s financial watchdog FINMA has closed down what it said was the provider of "a fake" cryptocurrency and is investigating around a dozen other similar "fraud" cases.

Equifax executives' share deals investigated
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Did executives sit on the news and flog their shares?

In an unusual move, the US finance watchdog - the Securities and Exchange Commission - have teamed up to investigate the Equifax hack.

Apple punishes UK fanboys for their iPhone support
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You will have to pay £249 more than the rest of the world

Fruity Cargo cult Apple has decided that it really hates its UK fanboys and is making them pay £249 more than Americans for the new iPhone X.

Pirate Bay stole my CPU power
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If you can’t trust pirates who can you trust?

The Pirate Bay site has been caught out sucking the processing power of users computers.

Equifax’s chief security officer quits
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Music major faces the music

It looks like the news that Equifax’s Chief Security Officer was a music major with no education related to technology or security was one story too many for the blighted company – Chief Security Officer Susan Mauldin has quit the company along with Chief Information Officer David Webb.

Fingerprint outfit warns as Apple doesn't touch the tech
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Hands off Fingerprent Cards

Smartphone component maker Fingerprint Cards  has warned revenue would be far below market estimates in the third quarter  and the Tame Apple Press claims it is because Apple has abandoned the technology, sending its shares tumbling 22 percent.