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Caseking starts selling pre-binned Core i7-8700K CPUs

by on10 October 2017

Including the one with 99.9% silver IHS

Since delidding has become a big thing now, it comes as no surprise that, with help from Roman Hartung, also known as Der8auer, has started to sell pre-binned Core i7-8700K CPUs, some even with a high-end 99.9 percent silver IHS that will offer extreme overclocking performance.

According to what can be seen over at, there are a couple of different versions, pre-binned to reach anywhere from 4.8GHz to 5.2GHz overclock. The list starts with the Advanced Edition, which has been both pre-binned as well as delidded, and the original TIM has been replaced with a thermal compound from Thermal Grizzly, which makes it 10 to 20 degrees cooler. It uses stock IHS and comes with Der8auer laser engraving.

The next in line is the Pro Edition, which is also delidded and got a fresh coat of Thermal Grizzly compound. The stock IHS on the Pro Edition has been smoothed out and nickel plated which gives it around five to seven degrees better temperature compared to the Advanced Edition.

The top of the line is the Ultra Edition, also hand-picked and pre-binned, it uses a special IHS that is made of 99.9 percent silver. According to details provided at, this one should be between eight to 12 degrees cooler compared to the Advanced Edition, which is over 20 degrees cooler compared to the stock Core i7-8700K.

Pre-binned CPUs always come with a price premium but these ones are on a whole new level. The Der8auer pre-binned Core i7-8700K CPUs start at €439.90 and go to a mind-boggling €899.90 for the Ultra Edition rated to hit 5.2GHz. Bear in mind that the standard Core i7-8700K sells for €409.90 in the same shop.

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