Xiaomi Mi 7 front and back pictured
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SD 845, in-display fingerprint, notch

Xiaomi's Mi7 is a Snapdragon 845 phone that will sell in millions. The latest leaked pictures have confirmed the notched display, in display fingerprint reader and the rear dual camera setup.

Apple kills iPhone 8 functions after servicing
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Punishing users who dared not to use its servicing team

The outfit which claims it cares for its users more than Facebook, Apple, has been killing off touch functionality in iPhone 8s for those who dared to use an outside person to fix their broken screens.

New leak shows OnePlus 6 front panel in all its glory
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With thin side bezels

Although we already knew that OnePlus 6 will follow the same design as most new smartphones with a notch at the top front bezel, the latest leak shows the front of the phone in full details.

ZTE Iceberg has two notches
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Destined as the codename implies

ZTE is one of these companies which try hard but don’t really achieve much in the smartphone area. It decided to codename a phone Iceberg and put two notches on the front of the phone.

Microsoft open sources part of Windows
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In the 1990s this would have been unthinkable

Software king of the world Microsoft has open sourced its 1990s era File Manager for Windows 3.0. The code, which is available on Github under the MIT OSS licence, compiles under Windows 10.

Woz quits Facebook over privacy concerns
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Users get none of the profits back

The brains behind Apple, dancing queen and all round good bloke Steve Wozniak has quit the social notworking site Facebook over growing concern for the carelessness with which Facebook and other Internet companies treat the private information of users.

Vega 7nm is not a GPU
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Current plan: will never be

Many AMD fanboys hoped that Vega 7 nm would be a GPU that could make Vega more competitive to Nvidia's offering.

Radeon RX 500X series spotted on AMD's site
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Possible refresh or just OEM models

AMD is apparently gearing up for its latest refresh as Radeon RX 500X series product pages have been spotted on its own site.

Qualcomm’s Raj Taluri goes to Micron
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SVP and GM Mobile BU

A key member of the Qualcomm team in charge of the IoT, has started working at Micron. He got a saucy offer and left to Micron to be SVP and GM of Mobile Business Unit.

Xiaomi Gaming Black Shark pictured
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The gaming phone

Xiaomi has another rather interesting phone in the pipeline. This time it is a gaming phone, something to succeed Razer. The phone - codenamed Blackshark - comes with the Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM. The codename could actually even be the product name as apparently Xiaomi owns a company with the same name.