Snapdragon 670 is 10 nm mainstream
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2+6 cores mainstream

Qualcomm is gaining traction with its 600 series chipsets and it is about to announce a new one. The Snapdragon 670 comes with dual high-end CPUs and six energy efficient ones, all in 10nm.

Cloudflare sees off Troll
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Judge unhappy with weaponised patent

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled against a patent troll called Blackbird that had sued Cloudflare for patent infringement.

Assange gets a dose of legal reality
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Judge says he lacks courage and does not want to face consequences

Julian Assange has been given a sharp lesson in the reality of law when his actions were forensically pulled apart by District Court Judge Emma Arbuthnot in a 30 minute judgment.

Consumer Reports rubbishes HomePod
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Countering the Tame Apple Press

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to flog Apple's overpriced mono speaker by saying that the sound quality is equal to $1,000 speakers. However, the Consumer Reports magazine is having none of that and is warning punters to ignore the hype.

Intel releases entry-level processor
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Desperate to steal Ryzen/Vega APU thunder

In what can only be an incredibly half-hearted bid to distract from AMD's Ryzen/Vega APU launches yesterday, Chipzilla released a new entry-level chip.

UK government uses AI to block jihadist content
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Rudd claims she can block Isis from the Internet

The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed and is thinking of forcing companies to use it.

Qualcomm spills the benchmark beans on Snapdragon 845
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Using technological terms, it goes like the clappers

Qualcomm is lifting the veil today on the new Snapdragon 845 Mobile chip's benchmark performance profile, and it is looking rather good.

Consumers waking up to security issues
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Rank security over convenience for the first time

A new study by IBM Security found that consumers are now ranking security over convenience for the first time.

Skype bug can't be fixed without a major rewrite
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Gives an attacker system level privileges

Skype has a significant security flaw that Microsoft can't fix without a major code rewrite.

IBM sues over diversity head-hunt
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Resigned to compete claim

Biggish Blue has sued its former executive Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, who was named Microsoft new chief diversity officer over the weekend, alleging violation of a one-year non-competitive agreement.