Global diode shortage continues
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Blame the car manufacturers

The world is being gripped by a diode shortage, and it has been that way since 2017, and the drought is likely to last until the second quarter.

AMD's Ryzen not for a Dell
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Intel-AMD duopoly is a long way off

While AMD's Ryzen chips are rather good, Dell EMC is not particularly interested and will remain loyal to Chipzilla.

IBM puts AI supercomputer in space
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Open the bay doors, HAL. I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave

For a long time there was a myth that the AI supercomputer in 2001 space oddessy was called HAL because it was code for IBM (the letters shifted by one) and while that was denied, it now appears that Big Blue is set to take its  IBM supercomputer AI tech  to the International Space Station.

Flash gets old and runs out of steam
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Only used by eight percent of Chrome users

The percentage of daily Chrome users who've loaded at least one page containing Flash content per day has gone down from around 80 percent in 2014 to under eight percent in early 2018.

German networks face Russian invasion
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Fancy bear infiltrating German networks 

Germany is investigating a security breach of its defence and interior ministries' private networks, a government spokesman has confirmed.

Gates rules out presidential bid
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The man who brought us Vista realises the US presidency is beneath him

Software King of the World, Sir William Gates III, has ruled out standing for the presidency of the US even if he could bring in the sort of things he believes are essential.

Sony demonstrates 1.2Gbps Snapdragon X20
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4x4 and the power of the modem

Sony made a splashy announcement of the Xperia XZ2 phone powered by the Snapdragon 845. It decided to focus on the power of its download communication demo and showed that within two years, the maximum download speed  rose from 600 Mbps to 1.2 Gbps.

Asus surprises with its flagship Zenfone 5z smartphone
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Snapdragon 845 SoC, AI and full screen with smaller notch than iPhone X

Asus made quite a splash at its event at the Mobile World Congress 2018 with the announcement of its own flagship smartphone, the Asus Zenfone 5z, which not only comes with a 6.2-inch full-screen with 19:9 aspect ratio and Snapdragon 845 SoC, but comes at a rather reasonable €479 starting price tag.

Cooler Master announces MasterCase H500P Mesh White PC case
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All white with mesh front

Cooler Master has unveiled a new version of its MasterCase H500P PC case which will feature a full white color and a mesh front.

AMD gains on Nvidia
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28 February 2018

AMD gains on Nvidia

Thanks to crypto-miners

AMD is slowly gaining ground on Nvidia thanks to its GPUs being more popular among crypto-miners.