Google's AR can see cancer
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Still no cure for Google

Google boffins have been telling the American Association for Cancer Research's annual meeting, that they have come up with a prototype of an augmented reality microscope that could be used to help physicians diagnose cancer patients.

Essential promises better camera
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The one after PH-1

Andy Rubin’s unicorn startup, the one that carriers the Essential name, has promised a better camera for the successor to the PH-1.

Apple hopes to get more intelligence from Google
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Help us, John Giannandrea, you are our only hope

Fruity cargo cult Apple has head hunted Google's chief of search and artificial intelligence John Giannandrea in a desperate bid to catch up with its rivals on AI.

Google developing a new mid-range Pixel
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Part of an Indian push

Google is developing a new mid-range Pixel smartphone which might be part of a cunning plan to push into India.

EU says it still might break up Google
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Best not to rule it out

The European Union holds “grave suspicions” about the dominance of internet giant Google and has not ruled out breaking it up, according to the EU’s antitrust chief.

Artificial Intelligence is very artificial indeed
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Buzz words and the facts

Manufacturers - or vendors as I prefer to call them -  have touted artificial intelligence (AI) almost since the beginning of the dawn of the computer. Which was 70 or 80 years ago, depending on how you're counting things.

France drags Apple and Google to court
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Evil contract terms

France will take Google and Apple to court over contractual terms imposed by the tech giants on startups and developers.

Apple  and Google brands suffer from lack of innovation
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Amazon more trusted

Apple and Google corporate brands dropped in an annual survey while Inc maintained the top spot for the third consecutive year.

Google working with Sharp for better screens
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VR-optimised OLED panel capable of 20 megapixels per eye

Google is working with Sharp on developing LCDs capable of VR performance normally associated with OLED and wants to commercialise panels capable of 20 megapixels per eye.

Essential PH1 Android 8.1 beta OTA arrives
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All new colors shipping  

Essential - the phone launched by Andy Ruben and a bunch of other ex-Googlers has launched three new colors and announced Oreo Android 8.1 OTA beta too.