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No Kinect-less SKU coming

by on15 August 2013

All in one Kinect for Xbox One

Microsoft again restated its message that it has no plans to offer a version of the Xbox One that does not contain Kinect. Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelso” Hryb replied to a fan on Reddit that the company has no plans to offer a SKU that does not include Kinect and that they are all in on Kinect.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One would not require the Kinect to be plugged in to function, many fans are already asking for a lower cost version of the Xbox One to be offered that does not include the Kinect.

While Microsoft says that they have no plans to offer a Kinect-less bundle, retail sources seem to be singing a different tune. These sources believe that Microsoft will indeed offer a version of the Xbox One that does not include Kinect at some point next year. Microsoft has continued to combat these rumors by again saying that they have “no plans” to offer such a bundle.

One we spoke with analysts tell us, “While they might not have plans to offer such a bundle at this point, can Microsoft really expect us to believe that they will not change their policy to offer such a SKU if the customers keep asking for it? So far they have responded to the will of the fans and have made four major policy shifts since the Xbox One was announced. While they don’t have plans to do it today, that does not mean that they might not change their mind in the future.”

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