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North Korea builds new smartphone

by on14 August 2013

Look out Apple and Google

North Korea, the country which bought us, er, stuff, is preparing to give Samsung a run for its money by producing its own smartphones. Even though the country's residents' access to the Internet and telephone networks is severely limited due to the evil American empire’s embargo, it seems that Kim Jong Un has personally designed a smartphone for his country to use.

Branded "Arirang" after a Korean folk song, the phones feature a touch screen and a "high pixel" camera. Kim said it was "nice" to see phones being made with local technology, adding that the mass-production of goods with a North Korean trademark would instil national pride.

However word on the street is that the phones were probably made in China and shipped to the factory where they are inspected before going on sale. In all the official footage, workers are shown with finished products, inspecting them and testing them but no actual manufacturing is shown.

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