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Industrial accident at Intel plant

by on01 July 2013

11 hospitalised 

Intel’s chipmaking plant in Chandler, Arizona, suffered from a nitrogen gas leak which sent 11 people to the hospital with skin and eye irritation symptoms. More than forty people were treated following the discovery of a hazardous material leak.

Tom Dwiggins, a spokesman for the Chandler Fire Department said the department initially responded to a 911 call from the plant, where it was reported someone was having difficulty breathing. It could have been a lot worse, Intel’s plant in Chandler employs more than 11,000, making it the semiconductor maker’s second-biggest location in the U.S.

Nitrogen is used as part of Intel’s dry-etching process. Dwiggins said all of the injuries were minor and not life-threatening, and those sent to the hospital went for precautionary reasons. Intel said in a statement that a single manufacturing tool was the source of the leak, and has been shut down. Operations at the facility are continuing and the company will investigate the cause of the leak.

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