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Samsung’s first OLED TV costs a bomb

by on27 June 2013

Yours for $13,000

Samsung has slapped a $13,000 price tag on its first curved, super-thin OLED television to go on sale.

While this might be seen as silly money it is more or less the same price that LG thinks its OLED TV is worth. Samsung is hoping that its success with OLED screens in smartphones such as its Galaxy S4 will also pay off in TVs. But with that price tag it is more than five times more than popular flat-screen equivalents.

Kim Hyunsuk, a Samsung executive vice president, told reporters told hacks that the outfit introduced our first OLED TV and have to see consumer response to gauge overall market demand. Research firm DisplaySearch has forecast global industry-wide sales of OLED televisions at 50,000 this year, at 600,000 next year and rapid growth thereafter to reach 7 million in 2016.

Samsung said it will begin selling its curved OLED television outside South Korea from July but did not specify which countries. It has no plans to offer a non-curved one this year.

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