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Nvidia retail Shield in action

by on24 June 2013

Short demo by Nvidia VP

And it finally happened. After numerous beta version of Nvidia’s Shield console, we were lucky enough to see the final retail version demonstrated by Nvidia's Vice president of corporate marketing Ujesh Desai.

We didn’t really spent days with the console, we had a few minutes with this busy man, but it was enough to get a first-hand impression. Ujesh demonstrated that he is a skilled first person shooter player and he showed us how Dead Trigger 2 looks on the final version of the console.

The graphics are better than anything we saw on Android so far, and the game is worth of few bucks when it comes out. We also had a chance to see Virtual Tennis and this Android game from the Play Store also looked nice. It was easy to navigate through to Android 4.2.2 and the speaker quality is quite nice. You can use this small device to play some loud music outside, which can’t be said of most tablets, let alone smartphones. We liked the build quality and that Nvidia used a matte black finish that doesn’t really attract finger smudges. In the video, Ujesh demonstrated taking off the magnetic custom tag removal and magnet powered attaching it back. It looks really nice and works well.

We also mentioned battery life and Ujesh went in detail about the console's battery life, with some optimistic figures. With gaming PC streaming you should expect 10 to 12 hours, because all the heavy lifting is done on the desktop that sends the end result as a compressed H.264 HD video.

If you are doing basic Android gaming, such as some of the older Tegra 3 games, you should expect six to eight hours battery life. With games optimised for Tegra 4 with a lot of visual effects, you can expect 4 to 5 hours, claims Ujesh.

The magic day for shipping it to the US and Canada based customers that have pre ordered is June 27th, so this coming Thursday. You can check out the video after the break, or here.

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