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Store your personality in a robot

by on13 June 2013

I would be malware

The founder of the 2045 Project has a cunning plan to upload people’s personality into an avatar.

Dmitry Itskov thinks that human lifespan will soon no longer depend on the limitations of the body. Itskov is a Russian tycoon and former media mogul, so he has cash to throw into the project. He wants to upload real people into the bodies of robotic avatars. This could extend human lives by hundreds or thousands of years, if not indefinitely.

Itskov’s idea is to create a global utopia where people are freed from the shackles of their corporeal selves, have ample time to pursue knowledge and spiritual growth. He has already created robotic replica of his own head and wants to work out a way of getting a brain in to a full robot body. This will mean that people can live longer. [We just not sure they should. Ed]

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