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Microsoft Vancouver staffing up

by on30 October 2012

Microsoft Studios

New AAA core action title in development?

Microsoft is hiring in its Vancouver Game Studios for a new project and they are looking to hire people to help with the development of a new AAA core action console game title, according to job descriptions. Sources tell us that the title that the studio is developing is targeted toward the next generation of Xbox console, rather than the current one.

The Vancouver Game Studios was the studio responsible for the development of Microsoft’s free-to-play flight simulator called Microsoft Flight, but since Microsoft closed Flight, the studio has seen some layoffs.  The studio and teams were aligned to work on the next project, which originally had been said to be the children’s Kinect project called codename Columbia, but Microsoft has said that the studio had multiple projects in the pipeline.

While Microsoft has not formally announced what the studio is working on, it would seem by the job descriptions that it is much more than just a children’s title.

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