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Samsung re-releases display as an all-in-one

by on20 January 2012

Pretty but expensive

Samsung has released a version of its TA950 displays as an all in one PC. The  27-inch display is a looker, it was the product of 2011 with its asymmetric design and flawless built quality.

Now it seems that an All-In-One version of TA950 named "Series 9 AIO" is hitting the shops. Many say it is clear that Samsung have just copied Apple again as the Series 9 comes with many of the components used in 27-inch iMacs.

It is based around either a Core i5 and i7 processor, AMD Mobility Radeon graphics and 4 or 8GB of system memory.  The display is 120Hz, 3D compliant and comes with  six USB ports, two of them being USB 3.0, and four being the regular 2.0.

Two HDMI ports but no DisplayPort which is disappointing given that the original TA950 supported RJ-45 Ethernet and DisplayLink USB connectivity. Sadly there is no multi-channel audio output, only "Headphones In" and "Microphone In" ports. It is not cheap either. Systems start at $1399, which is about double the original price for the display.

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