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Anti aliasing comes with Kal-El

by on06 July 2011

Too much power for tablets
We had a chance to speak with some developers at Nvidia’s gaming event in Munich, and some of them told us that Antialiasing is coming with the next Tegra chip.

We call it Kal-El but this quad core tablet beast might end up with a Tegra 3 sticker, and it will be much more powerful than the current Tegra 2. The games that are optimised for Tegra 3, Kal-El, might come with antialiasing support. You can expect to see four time better details, textures, polygons and shaders of course, if developers choose to go the extra mile.

The big issue for phones, such as LG's Optimus 2X, is that games that don't support Antialiasing look quite bad on a big screen TVs.  Tegra 3 with Antialiasing might fix that, at least for some games in the future.

One thing is clear, better looking and more meaningful games than Angry Birds are coming.   We have seen Quake 3-like games and played some demos as this is the direction it will go from now on.

Just a reminder, any chip can run Angry Birds pretty well, but Tegra 3 might be able to do that with Antialiasing which will make it look much better on a bigger screen.
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