Facebook mired in swamp of woe
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It's the data day of doom

A flurry of stories about social network outfit Facebook has led to a number of questions by politicians and journalists in both the UK and on the other side of the pond.

Uber self-driving car kills woman
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Uber suspends tests

A woman died in Tempe, Arizona after an autonomous automobile knocked her over as she was crossing the road.

Artificial Intelligence is very artificial indeed
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Buzz words and the facts

Manufacturers - or vendors as I prefer to call them -  have touted artificial intelligence (AI) almost since the beginning of the dawn of the computer. Which was 70 or 80 years ago, depending on how you're counting things.

Hedy Lamarr, the mother of wi-fi, dissed by film industry
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It was only towards the end of her life that film star Hedy Lamarr was acknowledged as being the co-inventor of technology that underlies technologies including GPS, wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Euro chip sales continue to climb
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Up up and away

The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) said sales of semiconductors in the region rose by 19.9 percent in January, compared to sales in January 2018.

Apple has big problems with glass
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Employees hurt

A problem with the design of glass at Apple's HQ has led to three employees being sufficiently hurt that they needed urgent medical treatment.

Amazon takes aim at supermarket market
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Ants in your pantries

An article in a French newspaper quotes the boss of Amazon France saying his company does have plans to compete with supermarket chains to deliver groceries in Europe.

Chip growth to fall in 2018
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Good news and bad news

A forecast from organisation the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) estimates that semiconductor sales in 2018 will only grow by 9.5 percent.

BMW screws up on software front
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It's easily done

German car giant BMW admitted today that it is going to have to recall 18,000 cars because of a software SNAFU.

Porsche driverless car controlled by smartphone
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Whatever next?

Chinese giant Huawei said it's the first smartphone maker in the world to use such a device to drive a car.