5G likely to be C-band
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05 December 2017

5G likely to be C-band

ABI research thinks 5G is all at C

According to new findings from ABI Research, while the use of mmWave is one of the most distinguishing features of 5G, in the near term the C-Band is emerging with the most global consensus for the timely launch of commercial 5G network in 2019.

Apple and Google’s Chinese climbdown
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Supporting the Great FireWall

In Big Brother, before a dissident was executed, they were expected to publicly renounce their own crimes and praise the government. In China Apple and Google have been doing just that.

Ireland starts collecting back tax from Apple
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Sort of

The Fruity Cargo Cult is starting to pay back tax in Ireland, despite the fact it has denied doing anything illegal.

Apple’s comedy programming strikes again
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Novice security flaw patch destroyed by update

Apple’s comedy programming team has struck again and released a software update which undoes an emergency security patch which undid a security flaw which was so basic a toddler on crack would not have written it.

Multi-channel wi-fi antennas are good to go
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For higher density wi-fi networks

Edgewater Wireless Systems has teamed up with  Galtronics to produce what they have called the world's first antenna solution designed specifically for multi-channel wi-fi products.

Macronix comes up with new 3D NAND structure
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Single-gate vertical channel (SGVC)

Macronix is releasing details of a new 3D NAND structure, called single-gate vertical channel (SGVC).

Quantum Dot makes colour conversion breakthrough
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Opens the door to low cost, ultra-thin and flexible displays

Nanosys and DIC today announced a breakthrough in inkjet-printed Quantum Dot colour conversion devices for LCD and emissive displays which they claim will pave the way to the $12.6 billion anticipated market for low cost, ultra-thin and flexible displays.

Europe set to clamp down on Bitcoins
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Cryptocurrencies used for money laundering, claim

European Union and United Kingdom regulators will take action to prevent trading in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency being conducted under conditions of anonymity, amid claims that people are hopping on the bandwagon to finance drug dealing, terrorism and money laundering.

Broadcom prepares for board room battle for Qualcomm
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Hostile bid begins

Chipmaker Broadcom will take its first formal step on Monday toward a hostile bid to take over Qualcomm and will unveiling nominees who Qualcomm shareholders can vote on to replace the US semiconductor company’s board of directors.

Apple’s Intel iPhone X much slower than Qualcomm models
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Users pay for Apple’s spat

Apple users are having to pay in terms of performance if they are stuck with an iPhone X with an Intel modem.