Foxconn employee leaks iPhone’s internals
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A Ferrari running on a Windows XP machine – it explains so much

A Foxconn employee has snapped new images of the iPhone 8's internals and posted them to the Chinese social networking site Weibo.

Podcasting patent is an ex-parrot
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Dogged out of the courts 

The so-called podcasting patent which has blighted the music industry for years and forced a number of notable companies to waste money on a licence is now officially dead in the water.

Google fires bloke for anti-diversity rant
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White guy perpetuated gender stereotypes

Google has fired a bloke who slammed Google’s diversity policy and called for the company to stop hiring women and minorities when they should be hiring open minded conservative white guys instead.

Paypal’s Peter Thiel gives up on Donald Trump
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Incompetent and headed towards a disaster

Friend to the free press, Peter Thiel, was one of the few Silicon Valley supporters of President Trump but now is doing his best to distance himself from the Prince of Orange.

Prosecutors want Samsung's Lee jailed for 12 years
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Samsung boss holds back the tears

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jay Y Lee fought back tears and denied wrongdoing as prosecutors sought to lock him up for 12 years.

Open sourcer sued over warning
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It is defamation

Open source programmer Bruce Perens is being sued for defamation after he warned that using Grsecurity's Linux kernel security could invite legal trouble.

Mozilla murders Red Panda
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Replaces it with a kid’s superhero

The Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have decided that the reason that the browser is being ignored is not because it is slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping, and hangs on to memory like an NRA member hangs onto his guns, but because it is represented by a cute Red Panda.

Google software engineer calls for end to diversity
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We should hire white guys with diverse ideas instead

A senior software engineer at Google has opened a can of worms by calling for the company to abandon it diversity initiatives in favour of “ideological diversity”.

Steve Jobs saw iPod shuffle as a “gateway drug”
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Got you hooked on the cult

Steve Jobs saw the iPod shuffle as a cheap way of getting young kids hooked on the Apple cult.

BLU is back on Amazon
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We are innocent

Amazon is allowing Blu to flog its phones on the site after the budget phone maker BLU convinced the outfit that it was not sending data to China.