Pepper Robot sells out in seconds
Published in News
22 June 2015

Emotional response

SoftBank unveiled its new emotion sensing robot called Pepper and it finally was released in Japan. It turned out to be a bigger hit than expected and is already sold out.

Sony reveals skinny 4K TV prices
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22 June 2015

Android TV MediaTek quad SoC inside

At CES Sony's range of incredibly skinny TVs, were attracting a lot of attention.

Gartner predicts the rise of the hybrids
Published in Notebooks
22 June 2015

Opening the clamshell

Beancounters at Gartner have been consulting their tarot cards and are predicting that hybrid PC sales are to accelerate this year.

AMD considering a split
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22 June 2015

Needs to make money

As we have been warning, AMD is considering selling itself off as part of a consolidation which is happening in the chip industry.

Apple retreats before Swift reaction
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22 June 2015

Refused to pay the piper

Apple has suffered a humiliating retreat at the hands of the popular beat combo artist Taylor Swift.

Apple kills off the vintage iPad mini
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22 June 2015

People didn't want it

Apple has made the admission that people don't want the "original" iPad mini and have killed it off.

Oculus CV1 doesn't feel polished
Published in Graphics
22 June 2015

We got to tried it at E3

One of the emerging players in the industry is definitely Oculus Rift, a potential leader of the whole Virtual Reality niche.

Star Wars Battlefront feels like a blockbuster
Published in Games
22 June 2015

EA knows what it's doing

We had a chance to play Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 edition. We saw a short demo of Battlefront on PC at the AMD Fury X, Radeon 300-series event, too.

Blackview Hero 2 RF action camera reviewed
Published in Reviews
21 June 2015

Review: We can be heroes, just for one day

Action cameras seem to be the trend of the season, and this summer is shaping up to be very hot for these rugged devices. 

Dell launches Windows 10 device pre-sale
Published in News
19 June 2015

Ahead of Windows 10 July 29th launch date

While Microsoft's Windows 10 OS might launch on July 29th that did not stop Dell to launch its Windows 10 pre-sale.